Katie Hartman

Katie is an IATAN registered travel advisor who has worked in the industry since 2002. She enjoys helping clients with corporate, leisure, and missionary travel.

Beyond learning about the places she sends people, Katie has also traveled extensively throughout Western Europe, including living in Italy, and has also traveled to Antartica, Australia; Beijing, China; Brazil; Bhutan; Britain; Cambodia; Canada; Cancun, Mexico; several Caribbean islands; Cuba; Greenland; Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Japan; Kenya; New Zealand; Norway; Scotland; Thailand; Uganda; and various locations within the United States.

Katie is proud she achieved her goal of visiting all 7 continents before she turned 40.

Katie's office is located in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Contact Katie at katie@kalikosmos.com.


What Katie's clients are saying

You have been such a great help to all of us (and you have been my security blanket). I haven't worried about scheduling, tickets, passports, or visas since you have been overseeing the process and I can�t tell you how much I appreciate your help.
-Deryl G

Thanks Katie. You are a great travel agent!!
-Alyssa M

Thanks, as always, for being so kind to us in the way you take care of us. I know it's your job and you why wouldn't you be that way but you and I both know not everyone treats their customers the way you do. We just wanted to let you know we appreciate you and the work that you do for us.
-Kevin B

We'll be contacting you again. We really appreciate your help
-John E

I should send you flowers or candy. You're really going above and beyond to help us. Thank you and God bless!!
-Gary R